A Corporation called the Life Makers Corporation anonymously directs the lives of its users (called the Life Seekers) who have signed an agreement with the Corporation but have no recollection of it as they have ingested a medicine which erases that particular memory from their minds. The contract itself allows the Corporation to constantly surveil the Life Seekers and to sign any kind of other contracts on behalf of the Life Seekers. A team of employees (called Life Makers) works behind the scenes to arrange various serendipitous events that lead to the success of each Life Seeker who believes these events are caused only by their skills, appearance or charisma since the Life Seekers have no recollection of the existence of the Life Makers Corporation. In the background, the Life Makers make specific arrangements with corporations and institutions on behalf of the Life Seekers and for that service, the Life Makers corporation takes a cut of the Life Seeker’s income (thus acting as a kind of human broker).

The story opens with the life of a young boy, Dion (a Life Seeker), who earns a living as a social media influencer and receives offers to promote various brands in his videos. The viewers are introduced to his daily life under surveillance by the Lifemakers corporation and in parallel, we are introduced to the team of Life Makers behind Dion and his success. We learn that the Lifemakers are actually motivated by ideals of helping improving disadvantaged people’s living conditions and view the Life Maker job as morally ethical.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that there are insurgents within the Lifemakers corporation who seek to bring it down and expose its work as manipulative and self-serving. The open end to the plot serves as an invitation for the viewers to anticipate the next episodes of this series.

Red Velvet Revolution is a London Filmmakers Production with Khuzam Kedgeworth, Sonera Angel, Emilie Sofie Johannesen, Nick Ivakhiv, Matiss Sakalovskis, Kahmal Sealey, Jessica Jane and David Toso as The CEO. Runner: Lucia Bucci Script Supervisor: Elvis DeRăd Sound Recordist: Luca Cannone Sound Editing and Audio Mixing episodes 1-5: Dane Burge Sound Editing and Audio mixing episodes 6-9: Valentin Doychinov Edited by Viviana Di Capua Music by V-stók/ Valentin Doychinov Director of Photography: Riccardo Cavani Executive Producer: Bill Bossert Story by Viviana Di Capua Screenplay by Viviana Di Capua and Khuzam Kedgeworth Produced and Directed by Viviana Di Capua Distributed by GoBuzz

We highly recommend watching the Pilot of our web series with captions -English and Italian subtitles available! Zero budget production; filmed and edited in 3 days. Thanks to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign we made new episodes, watch full episodes!
The Lifemakers Corporation identified Rose Gardner as a suitable candidate for the Lifemaking project and have tasked Rem Novak with recruiting her.
Dion who, like everyone else, doesn’t remember signing up to be a part of the Lifemaking project, is still working as influencer thanks the power of the Lifemakers Corporation. Now he collaborates with Rose, but something inexplicable happens which will change his perspective forever.
A sweet awakening for Vivien, aka Shiori, and Valantis, two lifemakers who met by chance on Tinder application and fell in love with each other. Strange fate!
Vivien and Allan share opinions about Fay who is no more part of their Unit since she is accused of being one of the “Wreckers”, a group of former employees at the Lifemakers Corporation who have turned insurgents and are trying to sabotage the operations of the corporation.
Rose Gardner has disappeared, leaving a lot of questions behind her but the biggest problem for Allan and Vivien is Dion’s stubbornness.
Rem Novak explains why Fay is accused of being a Wrecker. Finally, the truth seems to be closer.
Lifeseekers, Lifemakers, is it possible that there are no many differences between them?
A revolution doesn’t have to involve violence. A revolution doesn’t have to involve spite and hate. The real heroes simply turn their back on the old world and look for another direction.
A new beginning in a place where the society is completely different from the countries controlled by the Lifemakers Corporation. Time to discover if it’s a utopia or reality.