A Corporation called the Life Makers Corporation anonymously directs the lives of its users (called the Life Seekers) who have signed an agreement with the Corporation but have no recollection of it as they have ingested a medicine which erases that particular memory from their minds. The contract itself allows the Corporation to constantly surveil the Life Seekers and to sign any kind of other contracts on behalf of the Life Seekers. A team of employees (called Life Makers) works behind the scenes to arrange various serendipitous events that lead to the success of each Life Seeker who believes these events are caused only by their skills, appearance or charisma since the Life Seekers have no recollection of the existence of the Life Makers Corporation. In the background the Life Makers make specific arrangements with corporations and institutions on behalf of the Life Seekers and for that service the Life Makers corporation takes a cut of the Life Seeker’s income (thus acting as a kind of human broker).

The story opens with the life of a young boy, Dion (a Life Seeker), who earns a living as a social media influencer and receives offers to promote various brands in his videos. The viewers are introduced to his daily life under surveillance by the Lifemakers corporation and in parallel we are introduced to the team of Life Makers behind Dion and his success. We learn that the Lifemakers are actually motivated by ideals of helping improving disadvantaged people’s life conditions and view the Life Maker job as morally ethical.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that there are insurgents within the Lifemakers corporation who seek to bring it down and expose its work as manipulative and self serving. The open end to the plot serves as an invitation for the viewers to anticipate the next episodes of this series.

Message from the Director, Viviana Di Capua (aka Vivien Rosewood)

Since I decided to open a crowdfunding campaign for Red Velvet Revolution I knew I wanted to give more than an idea to the people who would invest in the project.

So I and other brave people made this Prologue as a pledge to the audience;

In the second and third episode I would like to develop the story to show the structure of the Life Makers corporation and how the Life seekers get involved with the company.

I would like to show the stories of the characters and whether they would join the insurgency which has arisen in the corporation to ultimately destroy it.

Your help in completing the last two episodes of Red Velvet Revolution would be invaluable to us.

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